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Lewis & Raby offers flash ground plate for a wide variety of applications where customers require an accurately and consistently flat metal plate.

Ground steel plate is used for precision applications where a tighter tolerance than standard commercial plating is necessary.

The grinding process involves putting the metal plate (any thickness) into a surface grinder.

The metal is then magnetised in place and grinded down (e.g. by 5mm – 10mm) to make a smooth flat surface.

The process is then repeated on the opposite side, so the edges of the metal are parallel.

The resulting ground plate offers a defined tolerance on thickness – down to a 1000th of an inch for high precision products – and a quality surface finish.

The precision flat parallel surface has a range of uses including on our heavy duty work benches where a flat surface is needed for specialised tooling.

The process can also be used for making precision tooling (e.g. in a press tool).

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Pictured Example Flash ground plate
Width 1000mm
Length 2000mm
Surface 15mm ground down to 10mm

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