This site uses Google Analytics and StatCounter to collect information about how you browse the site, so it can be improved based on your needs. This includes things like the pages you visited on the site, how long you spent on each page, how you got to the site, and what you click while you are visiting the site. The data doesn’t include any personal details like name, address or precise location, and we never share it, or allow Google to share it, with anyone outside our company.

To do this, the site saves small files, called “cookies”, on your computer. You can delete the cookies already set, or stop the site setting any more, using your browser settings. Find out more about managing cookies…

The site also saves cookies when you use the Shop functions, to store details of which products are in your basket, and similar information. This is essential for making the Shop work properly.

The site also saves a few more cookies if you log in to edit or view the admin dashboard of the site. These enable the admin area to function properly.

See also our terms of use and privacy policy.

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