Our Workbench Worktops cater to various needs with options like wooden, plastic, and granite surfaces. Wooden worktops are durable and ideal for general use, while plastic ones are lightweight, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean, perfect for labs and industrial settings. Granite worktops provide exceptional strength, heat resistance, and suitable for high-precision tasks. Additionally, we offer a wide range of other worktop materials to suit your specific requirements and enhance your workspace efficiency.

Weight load testing is a crucial process in the design, manufacturing, and quality assurance of workbenches. It ensures that the workbench can safely support the intended loads without risk of collapse or structural failure, which is vital for both safety and functionality. If you are not sure what weight strength is right for you, get in touch and one of our Project Managers will be happy to advise.

We offer a wide range of Workbench Accessories to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your workbenches. Our selection includes high-quality vices for secure clamping, Louvre Panels for organized tool storage, and Secured Rollers for easy mobility. Additionally, we provide various other accessories such as bespoke Drawers, power strips, and customizable storage options to tailor your workspace to your specific needs.

Our Industrial Castors and Wheels are designed to provide robust mobility and stability for heavy-duty applications. Featuring high load capacities, they ensure easy and safe movement of equipment. Our range includes Adjustable Levelling Castors, which offer the added benefit of precise height adjustment and stability on uneven surfaces. For more information Contact us.

Are you setting up a new factory? or a new Production line? Need something to meet you specific needs? At Lewis and Raby, we specialize in crafting custom workbenches of all sizes to meet diverse needs. Our workbenches are tailored for various industries, ensuring optimal functionality and durability. Our case studies highlight successful projects where we delivered bespoke solutions, enhancing workflow efficiency and workspace organization for our customers. Contact us for more information. or click on a Workbench below.

Our Online Shop offers a variety of high-quality workbenches, including Melamine Workbenches which are durable and easy to clean, perfect for industrial and commercial use, and our packing workbenches that are designed for efficiency, featuring ample storage and ergonomic designs. Shopping online with us is convenient and secure, with a wide variety of products to help you find the ideal workbench for your needs.

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