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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of bespoke busbars for a range of industrial and commercial applications where a significant electrical current needs to be transferred across a short distance.

The water cooled busbar pictured is used in glass manufacturing equipment and must be able to withstand a high temperature operating environment.

The busbar is machined in copper before being deep hole drilled to allow water to pass through the busbar for cooling purposes. The metal pieces of the busbar are heated to 600° Celsius for welding.

The busbar’s contact points are silver soldered and the unit can be plated in a range of metals including silver and nickel sulfemate to AMS 2403 to prevent corrosion and provide good electrical conductivity.

The busbar pictured was also pressure tested to 125 PSIG prior to dispatch to our customer.

All of our busbars are made to our customers’ individual specifications. Please contact our engineering team to discuss your requirements.

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