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It is important for the cleanliness of your workplace that cleaning essentials are easily accessible.

Our Cleaning stations are the perfect way to organise and display cleaning products, (hand sanitiser and cleaning agents) as well as safety equipment, (Gloves, face masks and hard hats).

Our cleaning station workbenches come in white gloss paint, making it easy to wipe down and keep up to hygiene standards.

The standard size for our cleaning stations is 700mm wide by 1400mm long by 900 high.

Alongside our standard units, we also manufacture bespoke specialist workbenches to any dimensions and with a range of options.

The cleaning stations can be fully customized depending on your needs.


  • Optional lower full or half-depth shelf.
  • A double or single cabinet for additional storage capacity.
  • A back-mounted shelf.
  • A 316 stainless steel top, for food industry and pharmaceutical applications.
  • A secured roller – great for blue roll


Please contact our engineering team for a quote and to discuss your design requirements.

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