Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of high quality and cost effective parts for driveshafts and mixer shafts such as gears, cams, flanges, yokes, shafts, joints, tubes and axles. Our parts are used in a range of automotive and industrial settings.

We also offer technical advice on the repair and replacement of current OEM Parts used in driveshafts, including assistance in designing a new component.

Our driveshaft parts can be made using any specified material such as EN8 medium carbon steel or a range of stainless steels. They are often sand casted and initially proof-machined to eliminate any porosity defects.

Additional holes, keyways and other modifications can be machined using our Haas VF9 or Goratu GBM32 Bed Mill CNC machines.

We have one of the largest turning capacities in the north west of England and are able to machine driveshaft parts on site which are up to 1 metre in diameter, 3 metres in length, and 5 tonnes in weight.

To ensure the highest quality, our driveshaft parts can be finished using a number of processes.

We offer precision grinding for fine finishes, while parts are often stress-relieved to remove residual stresses and stop distortions or future cracking in operation.

Our parts can also undergo ferritic nitrocarburizing before testing and dispatch. Also known as the Tufftride or Tennifer process, this hardening process improves the part’s longevity by increasing its resistance to fatigue, corrosion, wear and scuffing.

Please contact our engineering team to discuss the type of part you require.


Capacity 1m (diameter), 3m (length), 5 tonne (weight)
Finishing Grinding, Stress-Relieving, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing or Tufftride processing, Electroless Nickel Plating

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