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Lewis & Raby Engineers is a manufacturer of heavy duty trolleys for the transportation of glass around factories and commercial premises. Our trolleys facilitate the safe movement of glass sheeting in an upright position.

The glass trolley frame is made from mild steel box section and is fully welded together for maximum strength and stability.

Our glass trolleys are fitted with heavy duty castors which both swivel and lock, meaning you have full control of the movement of the trolley.

We supply any strength castors you might need including break castors.

The five wooden panels can be fitted with fabric to cushion the glass on the frame.

The trolley also comes with anchor points so that straps can firmly secure the glass in place while the trolley is in motion.

This trolley is not only perfect for transporting glass, but can also be used for other items such as doors, sheet metal, dry wall, wood and flooring.

(You might also be interested in our Portable Cantilever Storage Rack).

Lewis & Raby’s experienced engineers will manufacture your trolley to your specific requirements which includes a range of weight capacities. Contact us for a quote today.

For details on the pictured example, please see the table below.



Pictured Example Glass Handling Trolley
Height 1500mm
Width 1805mm
Depth 600mm
Castor Strength Total 500kg

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