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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of premium quality cantilever storage racks for commercial and industrial applications.

Our heavy duty cantilever storage racks are great for storing materials and products around factories, shops, and warehouses.

The parallel box section steel arms facilitate the safe storage of metal, wood, piping and many other long, bulky, and heavy objects.

All our storage racks are fully welded for maximum strength and painted in the customer’s colour of choice.

See also our Portable Cantilever Storage Rack for more options.

Other optional extras include:

  • Anti-scratch rubber layer for the steel arms
  • Vertical storage rack arms
  • Double-sided storage
  • Arm stops to prevent falls
  • Safety belt
  • Powder-coated
  • Galvanised

We can also make bespoke cantilever storage racks according to your specification.

Please contact our engineering team for a quote and to discuss your design requirements.

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