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Lewis & Raby fabricates and welds pipework for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

We fabricate bespoke pipework in stainless steel and carbon steel, offering a wide range of nominal pipe diameter (or bore) sizes and pipe schedules.

We also manufacture complete pipework systems including welding of tees, elbows, flanges and other pipework fittings.

Our skilled MIG, TIG and MMA approved coded welders ensure that all our pipework is expertly welded to the ASME IX standard.

We weld stainless steel and carbon steel piping as well as offering a soldering and gluing service for copper and plastic (PVC) piping.

Our carbon steel pipework is suitable for manufacturing and processing plants as well as residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our stainless steel pipework is most suitable for manufacturing and processing plants, medical and pharmaceutical applications, and in marine environments.

If required, we can also arrange for a variety of non-destructive testing (NDT) with certifications for your pipework including:

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Dye Penetration
  • Hydro-testing
  • Radiographic testing
  • Weld mapping and tagging

In the pictured examples, we manufactured 4 inch (DN 100mm) and 5 inch (DN 125mm) nominal bore (NB) carbon steel pipes with tees, elbows (45° and 90°), and PN16 flanges.

The images also include our 6 inch (DN 150mm) and 8 inch (DN 200mm) 316L stainless steel SCH10 pipework. Again this pipework included tees, elbows and PN16 flanges, all welded to the ASME IX standard.

All our pipework is made bespoke to customer order.

Please contact our experienced engineering team to discuss your requirements.

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