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Lewis & Raby manufacture and fit a wide range of premium heavy duty mild steel and stainless-steel brackets for industrial and commercial applications.

Shelf Brackets

Our industrial shelf brackets offer strength and durability.

We manufacture brackets for indoor and outdoor use, offering various finishes including painted, powder-coated and galvanised for harsh environmental conditions.

We can manufacture any bracket to any strength specification you require.


A U-Bracket can be used to hold wooden roof beams, perfect for turnbuckles.

Turnbuckles have a right- and left-hand thread that pull and therefore tighten the frame of the roof, making it more secure, as pictured.

The size of the U-Bracket will depend on the strength needed for the turnbuckle, which we can source for you.


See also our Gallows Bracket Page for your Heavy-Duty Needs

Click here to contact us and one of our experienced project managers if you are unsure of the bracket size and strength you need.


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