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Safety is our top priority at Lewis and Raby Engineers, that is why our skilled workforce always use Protection screens when working with machinery.

Our Protection screens protect work colleagues, from sparks and excess debris created by welding and drilling.

Our Protections screens (as seen pictured) stand at 7 feet high and either 6 feet long in the single or 12 feet long in the double. The PVC Strips cover the working area to protect onlookers and come in 2mm to 5mm thickness depending on the need of the customer.

Screens come with 120mm x 40mm Castors for easy mobility but, can also be manufactured to be stationary.

As well as our standard Screens, we also manufacture bespoke specialist Protection screens to any required dimension. Also see our Welding screens.


Other options

  • Clear or Welding grade PVC
  • Industrial Doorways curtain
  • Light, medium and Heavy-duty Curtain
  • Mobile or stationary
  • Fixed welding Tent
  • Food grade PVC
  • Transparent or opaque
  • Painted in any colour


Please contact our engineering team for a quote and to discuss your design requirements.

Check out our online shop to see our latest offers and ever-growing range of Protective Screens

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