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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of salt saturators which are specifically developed for de-icing and pre-wetting motorways and arterial roads during winter to keep highways clear of ice, frost and snow.

Lewis & Raby’s salt saturator is suitable for use with brown or white salt producing brine which is used to treat the road surface.

The unit is simple to operate and easily filled through galvanised top screens using conventional gritter loading shovels. Brine concentration can easily be tested using a hydrometer.

The saturator benefits from two identical magnetic drive feeding pumps maximising production time.

The plastic internal filtration system is not susceptible to corrosion and uses renewable polyester open-cell reticulated foam filters to ensure reliable pump performance and prolonged life.

The saturator is constructed as two twin vessels with a 5mm fully welded construction.

In the unit pictured, the mild steel inner vessel was shotblasted and then coated with a special epoxy barrier to protect the unit from corrosion. We can also manufacture inner vessels in stainless steel for the most effective corrosion resistance.

The void between the outer wall and inner vessel acts as a convenient bund.

Our salt saturators are also easy to install on site and do not require any additional reinforced concrete base.

Our standard 20,000 litre units hold 10 tonnes of salt with a pumping rate of 200 litres per minute.

We can also make salt saturators to a variety of specifications for a range of industries. Please contact our experienced engineering team to discuss your requirements.


Capacity 20,000l
Salt volume 10 tonnes
Voltage 110V (With overload protection)
Pump Rate 200l per minute

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