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Lewis & Raby manufactures lightweight steel sandbag fillers for a range of industrial, commercial and environmental applications.

Our sandbag filler is an excellent solution in circumstances where quick and straightforward sandbagging is essential including: flood defence, erosion prevention, pipeline support, environmental spill containment, and the fortification of military bases.

The scissor-like design of our sandbag filler means DIY self-assembly is not required – each bagging unit is supplied ready to use. Simply pull open the legs of the filler and it’s ready to go.

The sandbag filler comes with a 40cm filling cone making it easy to use with both hessian and polypropylene sandbags.

It’s also portable and folds away easily for compact storage.

In addition to sand, these units can also be used to fill bags with other substances such as gardening waste, clay and rubble.

All our sandbag fillers can be painted in a range of RAL colours.

We can also manufacture bespoke sandbag fillers to any design specification you require.

Please contact our engineering team for pricing and further details.


Technical Specifications
Height 82cm
Cone Diameter 40cm


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