Lewis and Raby take safety in the workplace very seriously, and our mild steel Security Gate is just another addition to our safety products catalogue.

The self-closing gate as pictured, opens at a 90-degree angle. It is fully welded and galvanised (or powder coated) making them suitable for a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. Our gates come in a range of colours, to maximise visibility.

Access restriction signs can be fitted to the gate, whether to stop unauthorised access or to remind workers of the safety precautions needed in the closed off area.

Every Gate is fitted with a self closing spring and a rubber stopper to protect the contact point.

Security gate are a great addition to Heavy Duty Guard rails helping protect your workers from heavy machinery or traffic on your factory floor.


Some of the reasons why you should purchase Lewis and Raby Security Gates



Old gates with rust fracture easier, putting your workers at risk. Our Galvanised Gates can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.


Our Gates are fitted and installed on site by our team of experts.


Is your gate securely connected to a frame? We can help design and expertly install your gate to suit your safety needs.


We can Paint your gates any colour you like with our paint shop.


Please contact our experienced engineering team to discuss your specific requirements.



Pictured Example Self Closing Security Gate
Height 900mm
Length 1800mm
Material Mild Steel

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