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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of staircases, walkways, ladders and fire escapes to British Standard for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

We manufacture all our staircases and walkways to our customers’ specific requirements and also offer repair and alteration services.

We Manufacture for Factories, offices, shops and churches.

For industrial applications, we manufacture a variety of stairways and walkways including:

  • Staircases for access to gantry platforms and for the operation of machinery.
  • Small walkways for traversing trip hazards or piping in industrial settings.
  • Vertical ladders with safety hoops. These are galvanised to prevent corrosion when they are located in harsh environmental conditions. They are also suitable for hazardous areas.
  • Metal walkways, gantries and platforms.

For commercial settings, we manufacture external staircases such as fire escapes as well as internal metal staircases with bespoke bannisters and handrails.

Our staircases and walkways can be made in a variety of metals including mild or stainless steel. We also offer aluminium treadplates and galvanised hand-railing.

Our staircases and walkways are usually pre-fabricated and assembled on site. They can be load-tested if necessary and paint-finished in a colour of your choice.

Please contact our engineering team to discuss your specific requirements.

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