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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of a variety of mild steel mesh storage cages for indoor and outdoor use.

Our bespoke units can be used to store materials and protect equipment from theft and vandalism.

Our steel mesh storage cages are suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications. They can also be used for storage in hospitals and schools.

Our range includes:

  • gas cylinder storage cages
  • chemical or hazardous material storage boxes
  • mesh security cages
  • mobile storage units with castor wheels
  • liftable units with fork lift channels or steel eye lift points.
  • storage cabinets with shelves and doors

Our cage frames are custom fabricated from steel angle to any size with a steel mesh size of your choice.

We can manufacture internal shelving for our cages and offer optional castor wheels as well as lift points.

Our storage cages can be painted or powder coated in a range of colours. They can also be galvanised for use outdoors and in harsh environmental conditions.

Please contact our experienced engineers today to discuss your storage cage requirements.

Details for the example pictured can be found in the table below.


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Pictured Example Image 1 Gas Bottle Storage Cage
Height 1850mm
Width 900mm
Depth 550mm
Steel Angle 30mm x 30mm x 5mm
Mesh 50mm x 50mm 10g

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