Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of venturi flow meters that are used to restrict the flow of a liquid such as gas, oil or water. The pressure of the liquid at the ‘throat’ of the venturi can be measured using sensors or gauges located on an attached manifold block.

Our venturi meter is usually manufactured in 316 stainless steel but can be constructed from a variety of materials including carbon steel, duplex, and super duplex.

An Inconel layer can be welded to the venturi protecting the machine from corrosion and oxidisation. The Inconel increases the lifespan of the venturi and is especially useful when the unit is installed in high temperature environments or areas which experience harsh weather conditions.

Our venturi meters can be manufactured so that they are suitable for use in oil fields, power stations, water supply applications and sub sea environments.

We manufacture all our venturis to individual customer specifications. Please contact our engineering team to discuss your requirements.

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