Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of versators that are used for deaerating, degassing and defoaming a wide variety of products including food stuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints and oils.

The versator removes air, gas and foam leaving a completely mixed, blended, homogenised or emulsified product.

The product is drawn into a vacuum evacuated chamber where it passes through the feed assembly and is spread onto the centre of a rotating versator disc.

The frictional drag created by the vacuum of the versator chamber and the rotation of the versator disc subjects the product to high levels of force.

As the film of the product is centrifuged it is gradually thinned to less than a thousandth of an inch.

Once thinned, the refined product is collected at the outer edge of the versator disc and removed from the versator chamber.

Our versators have a variety of benefits. They do not subject products to mechanical pressure, they can operate continuously or for batch work, and they are suitable for both cold and hot materials. A straightforward design means they are easy to maintain.

All our versators are custom-made to specific requirements and can be constructed to a variety of disc sizes and capacities. For food stuffs or pharmaceutical applications the versator can be manufactured in 316 stainless steel.

Please contact our engineering team for more information.

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