Steel Sandbag FillerLewis & Raby is pleased to announce that all the details of its new lightweight steel sandbag filler are available online.

In light of recent weather events such as Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, it is vital that local authorities and businesses are prepared for flooding incidents now and in the future.

The scissor-like design of our sandbag filler means DIY self-assembly is not required – each bagging unit is supplied ready to use. Simply pull open the legs of the filler and it’s ready to go.

The sandbag filler comes with a 40cm filling cone making it easy to use with both hessian and polypropylene sandbags.

It’s also portable and folds away easily for compact storage.

The sandbag filler can also be used for a range of other industrial, commercial and environmental applications.

For more details and technical specs please click here or contact our engineering team for a quote.

This news item was posted on 24 February 2020.

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