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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of grit rake classifiers used in water treatment processing plants.

The sewage or waste water to be treated enters a large detritor chamber. Grit and sand in the water settles at the bottom before being pushed by scrapers to the side of the chamber. The grit rake classifier lifts the grit out of the chamber for disposal.

Our grit rake classifiers can be manufactured from a range of materials including steel box section or angle iron.

The grit rake is welded together, shot blasted and cleaned. It can be painted and coated in a range of finishes including epoxy tar coatings to protect against water corrosion. We also offer repair and refurbishment services for existing grit rakes.

Grit rakes are just one of a number of products we have manufactured for water treatment plants.

Please contact our experienced engineering team to discuss your specific requirements.

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