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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of tipping swarf hoppers to enable the quick, efficient and safe removal of hazardous swarf from factory floors.

Our strong and durable swarf hoppers are constructed from mild steel and can hold any type of material as well as swarf.

The hopper is fitted with two forklift slots, allowing for the transportation and removal of swarf by forklift truck.

Swarf can be easily deposited at collection areas using the latched handle which tips the container forward.

CNC machines often deposit their swarf through tubes. If hoppers do not fit underneath these tubes, then spillages can occur.

Our swarf hopper, however, allows for the tube to sit neatly in the hopper, preventing unnecessary spillages.

We manufacture swarf hoppers in any size, capacity or design. We also manufacture Swarf Hoppers with Castors.

Please contact our engineering team for further information and a quote.

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Pictured Example Swarf Hopper
Width 1070mm
Length 1070mm
Depth 610mm

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