Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of vacuum chambers or vacuum vessels for a variety of applications in a range of sectors including the food and pharmaceutical industry. The following examples represent just a few of the vacuum vessels we can offer:

Vacuum Drying Vessels

Our vacuum drying vessels are primarily used to dry items that have been damaged by flooding or through the use of water to douse fires. They can be used to recover paper, documents, books, DVDs, CDs and much more. Vacuum dryers may also be used to remove other liquids or solvents in production processes.

Vacuum Freeze Drying Vessels

Vacuum freeze dryers are used to preserve food and make it more straightforward to transport. They can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry to increase the longevity of vaccines and manufacture drugs tablets.

Vacuum Coolers

Vacuum coolers are often used to store and transport fruit, vegetables and flowers. Leafy vegetables such as lettuces and spinach are particularly suited for vacuum cooling. The vacuum quickly cools produce to a desired temperature increasing its shelf life and allowing for long distance transportation.

Lewis & Raby manufactures a specialist food chilling vacuum vessel as well as vacuum coolers for other purposes.

Lewis & Raby Vacuums

Lewis & Raby’s vacuum chambers are usually manufactured in mild steel and then shot-blasted and treated. The chambers are finished in a high quality coating to withstand the rigours of any particular working environment.

For ultra-high quality food processing environments the vacuum chambers can be manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel. Our chambers incorporate a sophisticated door and conveyor system for ease of access and pallet storage.

All our vacuum vessels are built to the specifications provided by our customers. Please contact our engineering team for further information and discuss your requirements.

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