Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of food chilling vacuum pressure chambers. These vacuum vessels are designed to rapidly cool cooked food produce which has been heated to a high temperature.

The unit is particularly suited for situations when conventional cooling by refrigeration alone is not sufficiently fast for high volumes of produce.

Our chamber is constructed in high quality 316 stainless steel and is capable of reducing the temperature of the produce from 80°C to 15°C in 15 minutes.

Food produce can be loaded and unloaded on trays or trolleys. Once the chamber is loaded and safely locked, the chilling process is fully automatic at the press of a button. The chamber door openings can be hinged or sliding.

The door and front end of the chamber can be located inside a High Care Area, whilst the external rear of the chamber can be positioned through a dividing wall in a non-food plant area.

Alternatively the complete chamber may be located in the High Care Area with the plant located remotely.

Either way, hygiene integrity is maintained by ensuring that the vacuum plant, refrigeration plant and control equipment are totally isolated from the product area.

Operator safety is ensured by a control voltage of 24 VDC. The standard system requires an electrical power supply of 3PN + E 400v 50 Hz 100 A/Phase.

Our standard unit is 2.2m (l) x 2.0m (h) x 1.2m (w) but we can tailor the size and design of each chamber to our customers’ specific requirements.

Please contact our team of engineers for further information: enquiries@lewisandraby.co.uk or 0151 546 2882.


Chilling Power 80°C to 15°C in 15 minutes
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 2.2m (l) x 2.0m (h) x 1.2m (w)
Voltage 24 VDC
Power Supply 3PN + E 400v 50Hz 100 A/Phase

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