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Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of air release valves used to evacuate air from water chambers in hydroelectric power plants. We also refurbish and repair air release valves.

The air release valve pictured had been subject to erosion, corrosion and cavitation due to the water flow rate through the valve and the pressure in the system.

Lewis & Raby machined a new top cover and bottom section for the valve which were both welded into place. The rest of the valve was fully refurbished by welding and lathe machine work.

The new valve was painted, before undergoing a simulated operational test to 457psi.

Lewis & Raby manufacture and refurbish a variety of valves for the petrochemical, oil and gas, and hydroelectric power generation industries. All our valves are manufactured and refurbished to our customers’ specifications.

Please contact our experienced engineering team to discuss your company’s requirements.

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