Lewis & Raby is a manufacturer of pressure relief valves used in a variety of industries including power, water and energy generation, and the oil and gas sector.

Pressure relief valves (PRVs) are used to limit or control fluid pressure inside pipework systems. When the pressure in the system reaches a pre-determined limit, an auxiliary passage is opened which allows pressurised fluid to flow out of the system. The valve protects the system from becoming overpressurised.

New pressure relief valves can be manufactured from customer drawings and we also offer a refurbishment service for valves which have been damaged by erosion, corrosion, or cavitation.

Valves can be painted and given specialist finishes depending on their application, before final pressure-testing and delivery.

All our pressure relief valves are manufactured and refurbished to our customers’ specifications.

Please contact our experienced engineering team to discuss your company’s requirements.

*Valve pictured is for illustrative purposes.

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