We provide an extensive range of workbench accessories to optimize your workspace. Below are just a few examples of the accessories we offer. Contact us to explore our full range and discover how we can tailor your workbench to meet your specific needs and maximize efficiency in your operations.


We offer a wide selection of high-quality vices from renowned brands, including Irwin Record Vices, Kennedy Vices, and Senator Vices, among many others. Our inventory caters to diverse needs, ensuring that you find the perfect vice for your specific requirements. Each brand we stock is known for its durability, reliability, and exceptional performance. We focus on providing excellent customer service and expert advice to help you choose the best vice for your projects, ensuring satisfaction and efficiency in your work. See more on our Medium Duty Workbench Page.

Louvre Panel

Louvre panels are indispensable storage solutions praised for their versatility in industrial and commercial settings. Consisting of slotted panels, they accommodate various accessories like bins, hooks, and shelves, enabling efficient organization of tools and supplies. Their customizable configurations maximize space utilization, enhancing tidiness and accessibility in workplaces, making them highly sought-after. A great addition to any workbench. See more on out Packing Workbench.

Bott Perfo

Bott Perfo panels are renowned for their excellence in industrial storage solutions. Featuring a perforated design, they offer versatile mounting options for tools and equipment, ensuring efficient organization and easy access. Their robust construction withstands heavy-duty use, enhancing durability and reliability in demanding work environments, making them highly regarded. Great for any Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty and Super Heavy-Duty.

Secured Roller

Secured rollers for packing workbenches are essential for streamlining packing operations in warehouses and factories. With their smooth and durable design, these rollers facilitate the effortless movement of heavy packages along the bench, reducing strain on workers and improving efficiency. Equipped with locking mechanisms, they ensure stability during packing tasks, preventing accidents and enhancing safety. Their reliability and convenience make them indispensable tools for optimizing packing workflows in various industries.

Bottom Shelf

Bottom shelves are integral components of storage systems, providing support for heavier items and maximizing space utilization. Their sturdy construction ensures durability, capable of withstanding substantial loads without compromising stability. By keeping heavier items low, they enhance safety and accessibility, making them indispensable for efficient organization and storage in industrial and commercial settings. See more on our Workbench Case Studies Page

Heavy-Duty Drawers

Industrial heavy-duty drawers, bespoke to specific needs, are essential for storing and organizing tools and parts in rugged environments. Constructed with robust materials like steel, they withstand heavy loads and frequent use without warping or bending. With smooth gliding mechanisms, they ensure easy access to contents, enhancing efficiency and productivity in industrial operations. Their customization options optimize storage solutions for diverse applications, making them indispensable. See our Plastic Worktop Workbench Page.

Power Strips

Our bespoke power strips for workbenches are tailored to meet specific industrial needs, providing convenient access to electricity for tools and equipment. Customized designs accommodate varying voltage requirements and configurations, ensuring compatibility with different devices. With durable construction and safety features, they optimize workflow efficiency while prioritizing user safety in industrial environments. See more on our Plastic Worktop Workbench Page.

Packing Workbench

And Much More..

Beyond the mentioned accessories, we provide a vast array of additional options to customize your workbench according to your specific requirements. Whether it’s lighting fixtures, storage solutions, or specialized tool holders, we offer a comprehensive selection to enhance functionality and efficiency in your workspace. Get in touch with us today to explore our full range of accessories and tailor your workbench to suit your exact needs.

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